Welcome to my blog!

Thoughtful ChimpanzeeIt makes a while that I want to create my blog (actually I somehow had one long time ago, before the word blog was even popular, eh, but it did not last long).  I am not going to limit myself to any specific field of application.  I am going to babble on a lot of subjects like software development, philosophy/life, personal development, humor, games, software critic (trying to make some influential posts to make thing change for “better”), ideas, health, sports, finance, etc.

I had a rough time last year and as a part of my recovery, I decided to be more active and this blog is one step in that direction.  I initially wanted to launch it one year after my “problems” started; however, I am a good procrastinator!  Now that we are entering into a new year, I pushed myself to just launch it.  Let’s see what will happen next! 😉

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